Cloud Computing Services:

The Provider shall deliver comprehensive cloud computing solutions, encompassing infrastructure setup, data storage, backup solutions, and seamless migration to cloud environments, ensuring optimal performance and security

Data Management and Analytics:

The scope of services includes efficient data storage, retrieval, and management, coupled with advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions to empower informed decision-making and enhance overall data-driven strategies.

Virtualization Services:

Covers the design and implementation of server and desktop virtualization solutions, ensuring increased operational efficiency, resource optimization, and the seamless integration of virtualized environments into the existing IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

End-to-end ERP services, from software implementation to customization and ongoing support, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlining business processes, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing resource utilization.

CRM Data Processing:

United Paradigm is responsible for the processing and management of Client relationship management (CRM) data. This involves ensuring the accuracy, relevance, and confidentiality of CRM data in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Loyalty Card Management:

United Paradigm shall undertake the management of the client's loyalty card program. This includes the identification and rectification of inactive or duplicate accounts/entries to maintain the accuracy and efficiency of the loyalty program.

Algorithms Modeling and Tweaking

United Paradigm shall develop, modify, and optimize algorithms to enhance the effectiveness of Client campaigns. This encompasses the application of data-driven insights and adjustments to improve the overall performance of campaigns.


United Paradigm will generate and deliver reports to the Client as required. These reports will provide comprehensive details on the performance, results, and relevant metrics associated with the loyalty card management, CRM data processing, and algorithms modeling services provided.

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Loyalty Card Management

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CRM Data Processing

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Algorithms Modeling and Tweaking

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Cloud Computing Services

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Data Management and Analytics

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)